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Pierre Koenig was born in San Francisco. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1939. After serving in the Army from 1943-1946, he attended the University of Utah, Pasadena City College, and USC-LA, graduating in 1952. During his architecture training, he apprenticed in the offices of Raphael Soriano; Edward Fickett; Kistner, Wright and Wright; and Jones and Emmons.

He established a private design practice in 1952 and built 43 exposed steel-and-glass buildings. While in practice, he taught at the School of Architecture at USC for 40 years. He was named both Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Professor at USC in 1998. Structural engineer William Porush was Koenig's frequent (and necessary) partner for these innovative steel buildings.

1950 - The Pierre Koenig House #1, 2002 Los Encinos Avenue, Glendale CA. 1000 square feet. Also built by Koenig. Structural Engineer: William Porush.

1953 - The Edward Lamel House, 1884 Los Encinos Avenue, Glendale CA. 1200 square feet. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Sold to William Walsh. Sold in 1989 to Jessie and Matthew Clemente who still owned it as of 2012.


1953 - The Squire House, 5323 Palm Drive, La Canada Flintridge CA. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Sold in 1988 to Chris Campbell. Sold in 1998 to the Joseph A. Schier Family Trust who were still the owners as of 2012.

1953 - The Scott House, 10300 Haines Canyon Road, Tujunga CA. 1250 sf interior; 816 sf covered porch. Engineered and built by William Porush. Sold in 2014 to Nikolaus Kraemer.

1957 - The H. E. Burwash House, 9520 Amoret Drive, Tujunga CA. 1250 sf. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Built by James Stottemeyer. Sold to Treesa Drury. Sold in 1996 to Juan and Beth Cristales who still owned it as of 2012.

1958 - The Walter C. and Mary Bailey Residence, aka Case Study House #21, 9038 Wonderland Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA. At 1320 sf, it was built for $20,000. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Built by Pat Hamilton. The two bedroom structure is balanced by five pools that completely surround the house and serve both cooling functions and as visual transitions between building and site. Sold to Dan Craccioli. Koenig himself oversaw a complete renovation in 1998. Sold to Michael LaFetra in 1999. Sold to Mark Haddawy. Sold at auction in 2006 to Song W. Hong and Seomi Gallery. 

1958 - The Arnold Metcalf House, 7958 Silver Lake, Los Angeles CA. Structural engineer was William Porush. 2600 square feet. May not have been built.

1960 - The Clarence H. (Buck) and Carlotta Gates Stahl House, aka Case Study House #22, Koenig's most well-known work. 1636 Woods Drive, Los Angeles CA 2600 square feet plus 1500 square feet in covered areas. As usual for Koenig, William Porush was the structural engineer.  A crew of five completed framing in one day.  Interiors by Van Kepple Green. Robert J. Brady was the builder. As of 2017, still in the Stahl family.

This is the West Coast's most famous Modernist house and has been the scene of many television shows and feature films. Featured in the movie Visual Acoustics. Open to the public for tours.

1960 - The Tom Seidel and Jean Hagen House, 2727 Mandeville Canyon Road, Los Angeles CA. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Sold to Della and Gary Rolle, who had Koenig add a second story in 1984 plus a second renovation in 1995. For both renovations, the structural engineer was Dimitry Vergun and the contractor was R. G. West. As of 2012 still owned by the Rolle family.

1961 - The Francis and Larry Beidleman House, 1050 Hanley Drive, Los Angeles CA. Koenig developed two schemes for the house. None were built.

1961 - The Tom Seidel and Jean Hagen Beach House, 42560 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA. Built by the owner. Renovated by Busch Design in 2006. Sold to Stuart Sandi.

1961 - The Gerry and Robert Wilhelm House, 1355 N. Bundy Drive, Los Angeles CA. 1800 square feet. William Porush was the structural engineer. Built by Seidel Associates. Sold to John Huncke in 1990. Sold to Peter Cramer in 1994. Sold in 2004 to Allan Cramer who still owns it as of 2012.

1962 - The Elizabeth and Cyrus Johnson House, 54 La Rancheria, Carmel Valley CA. 3800 square feet.  Structural Engineer was William Porush. Built by Charles Strathmeyer. Sold to Cynthia and Fred Riebe who had Koenig do a 1990 restoration and carport addition, bottom two photos. As of 2012 still owned by the Riebes. Interiors by Cynthia Riebe.Structural Engineer: Dmitry Vergun. Built by Robert Roux. Landscape Architect: Garrett Eckbo. Photos byJulius Shulman and Juergen Nogai.

1962 - The Oberman House, 5200 Crestwind Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes CA. 1810 square feet. William Porush was the structural engineer. Built by the owner. Koenig's only all-glass house.

1963 - The Richard and Viki Iwata House, 912 Summit Place, Monterey Park CA. 12000 square feet. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Built by Colletta and Edgle.


1963 - The Alice and Bob Beagles House, 17446 Revello Drive, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Built by Bruce Koch.


1966 - The Harold and Martha Henbest House, aka Henbest/Birkett, 7127 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes CA. Mostly unaltered over the years, includes terrazzo, polished brick and concrete flooring; radiant floor heating; walnut cabinetry and paneling; and built-in buffet. Overlooks the ocean. Outdoor spaces include an expansive front courtyard with koi pond and tea house, and 11 sliding glass doors. Sold in 2011 to Stephen and Elizabeth Birkett, who did a renovation designed by architect Robert Sweet, bottom two photos. For sale in 2015.


1970 - The Sam West House, 125 Seawind Avenue, Vallejo CA. 3600 square feet. Structural Engineer: William Porush. Built by Carquinez Builders. West passed away before he could move in. Eventually, the house was demolished and the remaining land was claimed as right-of-way by a utility company.

1979 - The Christy and Ferrell Burton III Pole House, 31371 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA. 2400 square feet total. Structural engineer was Tom Harris.

1983 - The Michael Gantert House, 6431 La Punta, Los Angeles CA. 1800 sf. Structural Engineer: Dimitry Vergun. Built by the owner. Remodeled 2005 with Billy Rose Design. Has been sold.

1985 - The Pierre and Gloria Koenig House #2, 12221 Dorothy Street, Los Angeles CA. 3000 square feet with a 600-square-foot carport.

1994 - The Martin Schwartz House, 444 Sycamore Road, Santa Monica CA. 2700 square feet. Koenig designed a basement addition which was completed in 1996. This was Koenig's last design that was built in his lifetime.

1998 - The Laguna Project, Laguna CA.  3000 square feet. Builder: R. G. West. Needs verification.  Featured in October 1997 GA Houses 52.

2003 - The Vida Tarassoly & Mohsen Mehran House,  lot 131 between 31427 and 31508 Anacapa View, Malibu CA. 4500 square feet. Structural Engineer: Rubicon Engineering. James Tyler was supposed to finish the house after Koenig died but it still did not get built.

2003 - The H. Winters House, Dallas TX. Probably unbuilt. 2000 square feet.

2012 - The Michael LaFetra Beach House, 6525 Point Lechuza, Malibu CA. Commissioned 2000. Koenig was working on it for LaFetra when Koenig died. After many years, the house was finally finished by architect James Tyler. 4080 square feet. Structural Engineer: Ficcadenti & Waggoner. Photos by Michael LaFetra.

Year unknown - The Eiko and Frank Stuermer House, Alina Place, Kaneohe, Oahu HI. 2700 square feet. Structural Engineer: Dimitry Vergun. Unsure if built. Needs verification.

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