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Our Exceptional Volunteers and Team Members


Thanks to Alva Horton who manages our global social media presence and constantly improves the website.


Thanks to Mario Roy who tirelessly researches houses for the Masters Gallery.

Thanks to Chapel Hill Realtor Virginia Faust for updating the For Sale section day after day after day after day.

Thanks to Fort Lauderdale Realtor Tobias Kaiser for help with obscure German houses.

Thanks to  Leilani Carter who has taken over 600 photos.

Thanks to publicist Kim Weiss for tirelessly communicating our mission of documentation, preservation, and promotion to the public.

Thanks to Ormando Harris for still photography and videotaping architects around the state.


Thanks to Chief Researcher Catherine Westergaard who is incredibly prolific at  finding the histories of Modernist houses.

Thanks to researcher Andrea Minton who is driving by LA's iconic Modernist houses, one by one.