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1952 AIA Student Chapter, NCSU School of Design

The 1952 AIA Student Chapter, NCSU School of Design.

Back Row: Charles Sappenfield, James (Bud) Washburn, Max Isley, Robert (Bob) Miller, J. Forest (Pete) Barnwell,?

Third Row: Glenn Buff, ?, AC Hall, ?, Charles Moss, John Faulk, Bill Addison, Bruno Leon, Gerald Schiff

Second Row: Sam Hodges, Buddy Blue, Ralph Bansback, Harry Bates, ?, ?, Chet Parker, Elizabeth Bobbitt Lee, Donald Jackson, David Oden

Front Row: Henry Klein, ?, Fred Taylor, Gene Jones, Jack Shriver, Harry Spies, Dale Blosser, Morris Nakayama, Alvis George, Raymond SawyerHelp us find the missing names! Email.


NC Architects Atlantic Beach

An AIA North Carolina 1956 Summer Meeting at Atlantic Beach NC.

From left to right: John Webb, Cecil D. Elliott, Robert Clemmer, Arthur C. Jenkins Jr., George Matsumoto, Archie Davis, J. A. Stenhouse, William James, AG Odell Jr, Leon McMinn, US Senator Willis Smith (who addressed the conference), Marvin R. A. Johnson, Walter Hook, Macon Smith, L. A. O'Brien, Lindsey Gudger, Dick Rice, George Hackney, Jim Webb, Eccles Everhart, Cyrill Pfohl, Ed Loewenstein, Cameron Dudley, D. C. Abee, John Ramsay, James Walter Griffith, Jr.